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Friday, August 3, 2018


       After several hours sailing around Mandeh Marine Park, we decided to take a rest and have a lunch at Sironjong Gadang Island. This is one of the best island in Mandeh Marine Park. Nevertheless, there are only few people who notice about this island. Thats why this place is so quite and peaceful.  The water is so clear, the white sands stretched as far as you can see and the sun is shining brigthly hanging in the big blue sky.
       Actually, 33 years ago in 1985 before Mandeh Marine Park is known by people, I have been there before. I went to Sironjong Gadang Island. We build a camp there, grilled a fish and dellicious barbeque, fishing, building a sand castle and we were having fun in there. We used to sit a cocconat leaves and when the night came we lied down and looked up to the sky, watched a million stars  and talked about our future. It was a great memory to remember. Now, its 2018, after 33 years passed this place is still look  amazing as the first time I saw it in 1985. There is still coconat trees where we used to lead back. The difference just only on thr heigt, the coconat trees grow higher and lush. The atmosphere is still the same as the first time I came here.
       I'd love
to share this moment, this experience not just for me but for all of you and I am sure we will share laugh, giggle and smile each other just like little child .....

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  1. What a beautiful hidden nature treasure of West Sumatera! Should give a visit one day :)


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