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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Labuan Sundai Resort, Mandeh Marine Park, West Sumatra.

Labuan Sundai Resort, Mandeh Marine Park, West Sumatra
Once someone told me that his dream is to be at home before the twilight gone, so he can sit together with the twilight sipping cup of tea in front of the window. Have you ever imaginated livingmin a wodden house hear the coast of the beach watching the sun goes down while you sip a cup of tea with your friend or your family?  Too good to be true? Wait until  you see what you can get in LABUAN SUNDAI RESORT, WEST SUMATRA.

Labuan Sundai provide you a warmth and peaceful resort near the beach with beautiful ocean scenery. The interior and exterior of the resort mostly wooden shades and furniture. The bedrooms are equepped wit air conditioning and several building  include balcony. The property also has terrace as well as a garden overlooking the ocean and overlaid by palm trees gives you chilly and remarkable place to enjoy your afternoon tea while waiting for the sunset

Hiking, swiming, Fishing, snorkeling and sea kayaking/kanoing are the facilities that you can find nearby. You can also explore those islands, mangrove forest, river and waterfall.

For those who who love hiking, there is a hill behind the resort called THE TOP OF LABUAN SUNDAI HILL. The best experience you should start hiking at dawn so you can get a splendid view of Mandeh Marine Park and see beatiful sunrise in the morning.

Labuan Sundai is very convenient for family vacation, private gathering, honeymoon or for those who want a peaceful place to spend their precious time, twilight and romantic sunset.

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