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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Hi guys, this is Sarong, one of the traditional clothes in Indonesia. Sarong is used by all Indonesian people from many place and different culture, wether its a man, women, children, adult and elderly. Sarong has a lot of style and motives based on each culture. There are sarong tenun poleng from Bali, sarong ulos from North Sumatra, sarong goyor from Jepara, sarong batik from Solo, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan, Madura and many more. Sarong is use in alot of ceremonial event. Its also use in relegious ceremony and divine service in several place in Indonesia. Its very pleasant, cushioned and confortable. Everybody loves sarong from child to adult people. Hence, dont be shy  and dont be hesitate to use Sarong as Indonesian Local  Wisdom.

All shooting location in those photos in WEST SUMATRA


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