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Sunday, August 5, 2018


       Have you ever imagine what is like to live in the peacefull wooden house in the middle of the forest with a private beautiful waterfall and a small streams flow gently in the backyard?  It sounds  like a fairytale. But ... hey, could it be possible?
Well, if you are planning to visit West Sumatra on your vacation, and you want to spend your holiday in the peaceful wooden villa in the middle of the forest with the splashing sound of waterfall that coddle your ears, there is no better place than Bifa Cottage experience it.
       Bifa Cottage is located in the middle of Lubuk Minturun Forest close to the capital of West Sumatra, Padang. You can't reach the place with your daily car because the structure of the road is very rocky, muddy and sloppy. Obviously its not designed for city car. Fortunately, Bifa Cottage provides transportation facilities in the form of off road car that will take us to the destination. We can park our private car at a private house owned by  Bifa Cottage owner. It takes about 40 menutes to reach Bifa Cottage from the parking lot.
       I was very excited when I first arrive at Bifa Cottage. The smell of wood tickled my nose hair. The use of soft colors  in furniture  and construction the makes the look  of this building blend with nature. In addition, an additional 26-meter terrace area is also one of the main attractions for visitors, if they want to relax and enjoy the scenery around it.  As I said before, the most amazing  thing in the place is the beautiful waterfall located in the backyard of this place. Not many villa  or cottage in the world that has it. You can hear splashing waterfalls  spoil your ears, small streams flowing gently and you can breathe fresh air into your lung that a peacefull thing for your body and soul, while you hovering over a hammock on hanging on a wooden swing.
       Visiting Bifa Cottage is a must if you want to feel a different experience in the capital city of West Sumatra, Padang. There is no better place  to spend your holiday than a quite place in the middle of the forest with private waterfall and small streams in the backyard


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