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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


       Even a monkey goes to scholl? Can you believe it??

YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT! Because if you don't, then you must be unfamiliar wih Monkey's School Garden in Padang Pariaman West Sumatra. Hold on for a second, what in the world is Monkey's School Garden? Is it really some kind of fancy school with a bunch of monkey dancing around the class?  Is there a teacher there? Do they have to joint a flag ceremony every Monday morning?

       Stop! Zip it right there, shut up and let me tell you the story.

       Basically, Monkey's School Garden or in West Sumatra known as SIKOLA BARUAK is a place where a  bunch of monkey trained so that can be usefull for helping human. One of the monkey trainer said that the history of Sikola Baruak started when the people in Pariaman need monkey, so that they catch to them in the jungle and made them as their pet. After they nurtured and tamed the monkey, they saw that the monkey like to climb the coconat palm tree. That's when they started to think maybe that monkey can be trained to pick up the coconat fruit, so that they can take a coconat fruit in higher tree. It turns  out well and the monkey was able to pick a lot of coconat fruit.  So that they trained them  to pick up more fruits beside coconat. Now they dont have to make a pole from bamboo to hook the fruit, just give it to the monkey and they will do it fast.

        Smarter and stronger monkeys will be valued more expensive. The monkey sold as various price from  from one million until 6 million rupiah depend on their skill. Female monkey can even be valued up to 10 millon. There are lot of charactetistic that make it more expensive, such as longevity. Unlike
male monkey who can live till 25 years, female monkeys can live till 50 years. Beside,  female monkeys are easier to teach to pick a coconat than male monkeys. Trained monkeys will get good care such as feeding,  with a good food and bathed in the river. If these  monkeys just have been trained, they will be bathed twice a day in the morning and evening. So that, they become tame faster.  But if the monkeys have been trained well, they will be bathed in the afternoon after returning home from work ( picking coconat ) so that, the body is fresh and they can sleep well.

      Ohhhhhhh by the way, this school doesn't follow the standart curriculum from the goverment, so there will not be any ceremony after they graduate. No ceremony, no toga, no square academic cap and  obviously no after party ...... :)



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