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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


       Perhaps, Triathlon which is multiple-stage competition of swiming, running and cycling is not strange in your ears cause those sports are competed in the Olympic Game's since 2010. But have you ever heard TRIAFUN?  Perhaps this fun sport is so strange in your ears. Like triathon, TRIAFUN is combination of three fun sports consist fun biking, rafting and fun tubing/body rafting. Wait a second, what is fun tubing? Just like rafting, fun tubing is like sailing by sitting on yhe big tube that flows through to the the river and body rafting just flow through the river without tube but you should wear savety jacket.
       That sounds exited, right? Now, where do we get the marvelous experience? Well, we conduct this event in here, WEST SUMATRA. While you cycling you will be indulged by beautiful scenery from WEST SUMATRA NATURE. You also will be amused by the thriling stream from the river while you rafting and then end it with fun tubing or body rafting. Those are three packages that we offer called TRIAFUN. Three funs and thriling sensation in one package.
       Waoooooowwww... You want to try? Just contact me .....

In frame on rafting boat : Letda CKM Dr. Ando Amadino, Dr. Amwal Halil and me, Mustafa Noer
                  Body rafting : Dr. Diputra Prima Perkasa, Dr. Zizi Nabila and Mustafa Noer
                          Cycling : Satria Harifandi, SH
                                         Roby Putrama, S.Ked
                                         Rio Tri Ramdhani, S.Psi


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