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Saturday, November 17, 2018


       Years have passed since the Dutch colonialsm in Indonesia ended. But still, you can find many Dutch historical site around you,  which has become a travel destination in saveral places. One of them is Fort Van der Capellen that located in Batusangkar, West Sumatra.

       Standing majestically in Baringin, Limo Kaum, Tanah Datar Regency West Sumatra, Fort van Der Capellen has become a silent witness to the history of Paderi War from 1803 until 1838. The name it self was taken from Godert Alexander Gerald Philip Baron Van der Capellen who used to be Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies. Having said that, the level of public awareness of this place still low, unlike his "brother" Fort de Kock which is always crowded. But the presence of Van der Capellen Traditional Market is stealing the spotlight and has succeeeded in creating hype not only by local people but also social media, which invites wider people to come.

       One of the uniqueness of Van der Capellen Traditional Market is that each guest has the oportunity to take a pictures in ancient shades, using the traditional Minangkabau costumes, remembering you to the moment of old tradition in West Sumatra.  There are also traditional music behind which add to the "Minang" vibes here and will certainly make you dive into the authentically of "Minang".

     The presence of various Tanah Datar cuisine has made this place even better. With option like Lamang Tapai, Nasi Padeh Simabua, Bika, Kue Talam, Katupek Pitalah, Nira Talua, Karupuak Pitalah etc there's something for everyone. Every serving is full of flavour and perfect all for kinds of hanger pangs.

       Since the first day it opened, Van der Capellen Traditional market has always been filled with the guest. Especially for those who seek for an instagramable moment, this place will surely dazzle your social media. This Traditional Market is only held every Sunday from 7am until 12pm. With all the coollness and uniqueness of this place, Van der Capellen Traditional Market definitly deserves a chance to be visited whenever you come to West Sumatra ......


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